Effective meadow bird management

After the book ‘Weidevogels in een veranderend landschap”  book (http://www.knnvuitgeverij.nl) was published in spring 2013, together with co-writer Jan van der Geld we draw up a cours on effective meadow bird management. This is a one day course that consist of two parts, in the morning there will be a theoretical part on meadow bird management and habitat characteristics, in the afternoon there will be the practical part in asses a meadow bird habitat on the basis of visual characteristics. In the months April, May and June field trips will be held to meadow bird areas in the Netherlands.

In spring the focus is mainly on meadow birds. In autumn we make trips around the lake IJsselmeer to spot the numerous wildfowl species from northern Europe and Siberia that winter and rest there.

Not only meadow birds have to deal with changing management and maintenance of meadows in the Netherlands, also geese and other migratory birds that inhabit the meadows in winter are affected. Golden Plover and Ruff avoid the “modern’ meadows  while geese profit from year round protein rich meadows. Some species of geese in the Netherlands  stay in summer and compete with meadow birds like Black-tailed Godwit. In spring geese are a threat for dairy farmers and chased away from their meadows. From November till March we organise field trips to Friesland to watch  the wintering geese species (5) and their interference in modern farming.

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